Reflected Cross Site Scripting (Awards 3500$ bounty)

2 min readFeb 20, 2023

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Without wasting time let ‘s Start:

The “Shopify Github Integration” tool makes it easier to link a GitHub account to a Shopify store. A vulnerable URL,, is used during the Github connection process.

Shops Used to Test :

Relevant Request IDs: x-request-id: 1cdb077b2d319acccd1237c1142cf89b

Steps To Reproduce:

  1. Visit the next URL
  2. After Decoding Above url : “}}});};alert(1337);if(1==2){k=new Promise(function(){if(1==2){v={e: 1&setup_action=install”

Payload used (alert(1337))

3. Enter an owner or staff credentials.

4. The XSS will fire.


There are several impacts.

  • The attacker could use Javascript in order to do phishing attacks.
  • Steal data.
  • Reflected JS

Thank you for reading !! hope you get to learn some tricks.

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